Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celtic Lads

Surfing the web I found Celtic Lads by Courtney Collections.  Recently released for the Nashville show/expo this year and its been placed on my short list.


Pretty eh?

D was with me when I stopped by A&T Sat and asked why am I getting another chart when I have so many currently being worked on.  My answer – Cause.  Silly man :P

Found a new yummy beverage, Rice Dream Chocolate Chai.  I have a love of good chai.  Starbucks has yet to mess up cup, Pete’s Coffee is just too watered down, Human Bean makes a good cold chai.  Im still trying to perfect it enough to make it from home and save $$.  The Rice Dream is premixed so all I have to do is pour.  And even though its rice milk it is still good.

Thats all for now.  off to A&T to browse and then to Home Depot to find something for killing ants but will be nice to the duo of chaos.  Damn creepy crawlies are driving me nuts.


  1. I saw that chart and fell in love too.

  2. I saw that chart too and liked it. She has quite a few charts that I've got my eyes on!

  3. Celtic Lads looks interesting.

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