Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2

Well, getting out of bed was most interesting.  The three muscle groups mentioned yesterday had grown armies and were doing their best to take over the rest of the body and stay in one position (meaning to stay in bed!)

But trooper that Im trying to be I took charge and did day 2 of the challenge.  Had a good first few min and then no power to my controller!  Search to find a new one found me repeating everything I had done so far.  While thats all well & good, the bod was not happy about any repeats.

I spent the rest of my day working, while on vacation.  I know what a bummer but thats what happens when I plan.

I was able to get the boys to do one whole dance on the Wii with me.  If you can call what they did joining in.  Pathetic!  I did my mom duty and threaten them with another try later :op

So here we are at the end of day with the bod seemingly a bit worse off than yesterday and Im off to my wonderful, comfy bed.  Tomorrow is a rest day (according to the Wii) but I will be getting on the treadmill for a bit of a walk to help get the blood flowing.

On the stitchy front I do have updates I need to take pics of and post for you.  Im SO close to completing Midnight Watch and wanting to wait until that is done to post any additional updates.  Selfish of me eh?


  1. Good luck with the program. I hear you about those muscles. :) I did a bit of yard work on Sunday. After a long winter it always takes a few weekend of sore muscles before I really get going. :)

    A nice long hot soak in the tub will help.

    Can't wait to see your finish.

  2. Whenever you start up an activity that's new for your body its normal to be sore for a few days. The kinks will work out, don't worry!