Monday, March 29, 2010

Silly birds

A mother duck to be precise.  This one chose to make her next and lay 6 eggs in the middle of the park & ride.  True there is shrubbery and a really big, tall, pine tree but it still a parking lot.

We surprised each other while I was walking from my car (which was parked NEXT to the wetland area where she should have made her nest).  She quacked quietly at me and waddled off to the other side of the island oasis she had made her nest in.

I walked by (although not as close) on my way home but she was no where to be seen.  Im planning on bringing a piece of bread tomorrow and will share if she is close by.  I dont want to leave it if she is not as there are starlings (nasty little black things they are) and seagulls around and they would not be welcome house guests for her.

First day back at work with my new eating habits was hard.  Actually it was after work that I slumped a bit.  My stomach took hold of my arms & hands and force fed me turkey jerky and Special K.  Just couldnt wait the extra 45 min it took to make dinner (so sad).  I was good and marked everything down and just made sure that I get no snacks after dinner tonight.  Im still just under the total but over in sugar and protein for the day.  Still learning just how over I can go with protein over carbs so Im not too worried about that.  The sugar though, not good.  Wasnt even in strawberries – which are sliced and waiting in the fridge ready to eat.  Better choices tomorrow!!

Stitchy updates!

Noah & Crew – The boat is done (except for back stitching).  The waves are close then the animals and all that wonderful (not!) backstitching.

Noah and crew 3-29-10

Mother Maya – Im closer to getting my first motif complete and loving the colors

Mother Maya 3-29-10

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  1. Your Noah is adorable. I love backstitching, it just makes everything come together!

    I want to do Maya too...some day. LOL