Tuesday, March 30, 2010


it is a wonder what a bit of covering can/will do in keeping hands & finger warm.  my hands were freezing this morning riding into work.  I got a bit smarter on the way home a put on my gloves.  mmm nice warm hands :o)

Mother Mallard was back on her nest this morning.  I forgot the bread in my rush out the door.  I was careful again to stay far enough away so se wouldn't hop off.  I did get a look but she stayed.  I hope the little ones come quickly and safely travel back to the wetland area.

I had a plan to stitch at A&T tonight (Ink Circle gathering) but was stymied by P letting me know he needed waterproof hiking boots for the off-site for school tomorrow.  I had been putting getting new boots off all year.  Got lucky as most of his hiking type of visits were on nicer days.  I did get him a pair of garden boots for when they work in the food bank garden (which is on campus) as when it rains (Its Oregon so that means at least 80% of the time!).  They were to visit a farm tomorrow but plans have changed and it will be a very wet (cause it is raining a lot – Hello Spring!) hike somewhere around town.

I did stop by and show off what Ive completed so far on Mother Maya and picked up a couple charts, Rosewood Manor’s Quaker Diamonds and PS Alphabet D, E & F.  Both of these will be placed with my other “oh so want to do but will do my best to wait” charts :oP

I leave you with a pic of the duo, battling over the nip.  They both love rolling in it and Lilith will gather the cloth with her front paws and “face plant”.


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  1. The kitties are adorable.

    You are so lucky to have an ink circles gathering! I'd love to be a part of that, but I think the 10 hour drive might be a bit too much. ;)