Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fuzzy Bumble bees

Was a beautiful day today, and warm!  Over 63 degrees, very strange for late winter but nice.  Saw my first fuzzy bumble bee of 2010.


Not this specific character but helps visualize which type Im talking about.  I love watching these types of bees.

Books - Audio books allow me to do both of my favorite hobbies at the same time.  Books & cross stitch.  Bad thing about audio books is that when you get to a part that is either 1) boring or 2) stupid its really hard to flip through or speed read the pages to get past the gunk and on to better areas.  Im always afraid to fast forward as I might miss something :op

I still dont have pictures but Midnight Watch has decided to listen to reason and help me fix the pumpkin issue.  Had some negative stitches but was able to catch up to where I should be.  Ive also been working on PS A for Anchor and the sail looks pretty good.

Tomorrow I will be having lunch with Mom, then lounging a bit back at my house before heading over to  my sisters with Mom and DL for an afternoon of more relaxing and staying for dinner.  My plan is to do more stitching, even get Sister started on her placemats (she purchased everything to stitch them last summer)


  1. It warmed up here in Michigan too - 50 degrees - I'll definitely take it! The woodpeckers and robins are out and I saw some crocuses out too. Spring is finally here (although I'm sure we'll have a snowstorm in the next week or so).

  2. I also love to listen to audiobooks while stitching.