Sunday, March 7, 2010


Spent most of the day with the parents and my sister’s family.  Started with lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and ended with dinner at sister’s house.  Great time was had by the kids, they were running around, playing the Wii and just being plain silly.  Us adults were able to get in 2 games of Catan and then I got sat down to look through trip pictures.  Sister and BIL went to Hawaii to visit our cousin who is currently stationed there (He is a Gunnery Sergeant).  Looks like they had a great time.

I finished one color of the pumpkins on Midnight Watch while the Catan games were going on.  I wasnt able to concentrate on the game due to allergies. 

What is it about getting older and finding out things that were normal and ok are now wanting to wish for death?  I was fine Friday but by Sat morning I was ready to die.  My head is completely stuffed up and the sneezes!  Gads!  Im glad I keep socks on or I would have sneezed off my toes Sat afternoon. (D has said there may have been dogs hear me sneeze in China – such a loving Hubby)

Stitchy updates!

I have pictures :o)

Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch 3-7-10Renaissance Angel – Beads have been added to her skirt, I couldnt wait :o)

R-Angel 3-7-10

PS Alphabet Letter A – Ive changed colors and will post the final list when the letter being stitched is complete.

PS Alphabet 3-7-10


Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Im off to try and to get my nose working.

Update**  Gotta love breath right strips.  So far so good.


  1. Your stitching is sure going fast!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Your WIPS look great! Midnight watch is just gorgeous :)
    Allergies...not looking forward to those....and they are bad in Indiana...

  3. Sorry to hear about the cold. I hope it leaves as quickly as it arrived.

    Your Midnight Watch is looking fabulous. I just love the colors in it.

    Your other wips are looking great too.