Thursday, March 4, 2010


Diary of a Wimpy Kid – I havent read any of the books but its a movie I want to see just for one person.  Fregley – Whoever decided to pick Grayson Russell for the role of Fregley in Diary of a Wimpy Kid needs an award.  I can only hope he is as much of a comedian throughout the movie as he is in the trailer.


The boys have read all the books and cant wait to go see it.  It may be a movie we have to see during spring break.  How to Train your Dragon is another but that isnt out until 3/26.  Wimpy Kid is 3/19.

Midnight Watch is having a break.  Me and the checkerboard pumpkins had a disagreement where they thought they needed more checks than what was called for.  So there is pumpkin to clean up.  Not enough for a pie but close.

So for a change of pace I got going on Prairie Schooler’s letter A – A for Anchor.  I restarted it on 32ct Jobelan Queen Anne’s lace and so far am much happier with the results.  I picked out a possible additional fabric for how I will continue with this project.  Trying my best to hold off until Im actually ready to start stitching the next group of letters but who do I think Im kidding!  lol


  1. OMG, the trailer looks great! That'll be a fun one, for sure. Looking forward to seeing your PS alphabets A and whatever else you start on!

  2. My daughter's friend plays Patty in the movie.