Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3 – AKA Rest!

Yea for rest days!  As per the challenge I rested, and rest I did.  Nice change this morning is that I was able to move around with out too much pain.

The Livestrong site Ive been using has been working out great so far.  Tracks food Ive eaten, exercises, weight, inches.  Today I found I can add recipes and common meals so I dont have to enter all the ingredients.

Im still plugging away on Midnight Watch.  I should have it finished this week – spring break and I have it off (even though I “get to work” from home but thats a Rant I would rather not record)

Today I got pulled into playing Evil Genius (think of SIMS for Evil master-minds).  Its wonderful to have lots of minions to yell at and tell what to do :op