Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cats = cheap amusements

Im an avid lolcat reader and catch up on http://icanhascheezburger.com/ twice a day (as work has blocked it for my protection)

This morning I found a gem of a video of a kitteh meowing while eating, Im sure to make it clear to everyone to back the hell off so it could eat.  The duo of chaos could not tell where the pissed off cat was and was looking all over for it.  Amused me enough to play it twice this morning and again tonight.  See?  Cheap amusements.

Im sure I will pay for this in some form or another later tonight (early morning) by someone playing too loud or extreme hogging of the bed real estate

Stitchy updates

It was a menagerie this weekend as I was all over the place.  I think I worked here and there on 5 projects.  Just couldnt find that happy place and stay put.  I think it was over kill on Renaissance Angel.

I was able to complete the alphabet on Midnight Watch this evening while at stitch group at A&T.

No pictures yet, too lazy to get everything together and posed.  Fabric can be such a prima donna.  The lighting has to be just right and it needs to lay just so.  And thats just for the fabric.  If beads or specialty stitches are included it gets even worse!

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