Friday, February 26, 2010

My traveling friend

Taking my keys out of my back-back and what do i spy?

cat mouse This is what happens to rattle mice after Loki does his version of “John the Baptist” (at least 8+ times by the look of this poor fellow).  No clue how it made its way into the little pocket I use for my keys.  What can I say, Im impressed.  Loki was very happy to be playing with it again.

Now for some stitch updates


Tanglewood 2-26-10

Renaissance Angel

R-Angel 2-26-10

Mother Maya

Mother Maya 2-26-10 

Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch 2-26-10

Now off to enjoy some girl-scout cookies (mmm samoas…)


  1. All of your stitching looks lovely!

  2. Great WIPs and mmmmm... Samoas are my favorite, too!

  3. Everything is looking good. I've seen the others before, but I don't think I've seen Mother Maya. Interesting piece.

  4. Those are wonderful WIPs - such a difference between all of them to keep up your interest!

  5. Love your progress pictures !!!

  6. LOL on the cat toy. Mine like to leave them in the water bowl. And they do tend to look real when they are wet. :)

    Love all your wip. Lovely stitching.