Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smok’n needle

An update on the “Valentine’s Day”  P is pretty pleased with himself.  They exchanged cards on the bus (less friend involvement I guess) and he gave her the flower and got a hug in return.  According to P, she carried the flower with her all day – guess the word is out now that they are a couple :op

Now for some stitchy updates

What a difference a day makes eh?  I had a good Monday.  First time in a week I felt human.  Oh Im still a good mucus producing factory (TMI?) but dont feel like a third person in my own head.

Renaissance Angel – Her skirt is all stitched and ready for beads.  Column 3 of motifs is almost complete – shy a handful of stitches (ran out of thread at the last…).  Im working on completing the bottom part of her dress to finish off the satin-stitches of the hem.

R-Angel 2-16-10

Midnight Watch – More of the moon is complete.  Still a great filler for train rides.

Midnight Watch 2-16-10

Other projects – I changed the fabric for PS Alphabet.  Got a nice 32ct Queen Anne’s Lace Jobelan.  Works wonderfully with the colors Ive picked out.  I was not looking forward to changing the colors.  Took too long to settle on the ones I did!  Not sure when I will get this re(re-re-re)started but its kitted and ready to go.


  1. I sure hope your cold is better. Your two wips are looking great. I can't wait to see your Alpa and the colors you picked.

  2. Ooh, beautiful! You've done a grand job on both those two. Your needles certainly are smoking and I'm glad you're feeling a little better.

    LOL my word verification is 'redose' - did you take your cold meds? LOL