Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never battle an oven

cause skin always looses!  Sort of found that out the hard way two weeks ago when my wrist decided to man up and try and push the rack in after checking pizza.  What the hell was it thinking – Seriously!

Its now in the extreme itchy stage.  Im keeping it covered with a anti-biotic band-aid and its healing nicely (as far as burns are nice)

Lilith has picked her pet and he is denying it.  D is her favorite.  She will meet him at the door when he comes home and will try and get him to play with her, flops in front of him for one last belly rub before he leaves for work in the morning.  Im just here for food & water (*sigh)

Loki is similar to Lilith but has picked P as his pet.  In addition to being the provider of food & water, Im the body to sleep next to as they arent allowed in the boys rooms at night.  Lilith wont always lower herself to sleep with me but chooses a chair in the great room or as close to the heat register in our bedroom.

Of course they are both taking up my foot space under my desk atm.

I have pictures I need to take and share.  Will hopefully get to those soon.

I worked on Midnight Watch this weekend at the wonderful GTG at a fellow stitcher’s house.  She puts on a wonderful gathering ever other month.

Ive also worked a bit on my Renaissance Angel last week

Tonight Tanglewood came out to play.  It was Ink Circle night at A&T and while I didnt make it to the shop I still joined in in my own way.  More leaves have been added as well as roots & grass.


  1. My cat starts to walk on me at 6 am to feed him...even if his bowl is still half full!

  2. Ouch on the burn! Been there - done that! I think the itching part is almost worse than the burn sometimes!

  3. Ouch! I've never pushed a rack in with my bare hand, but I' accidentally touched a finger to the hot rack while placing a cold pan in (yesterday, in fact). Also, when I was pregnant with #2, I stood to close to a pan of water at the front of the stove and got a nice little burn on my belly. :) At least it was a wrist, not a finger, so no excuses to not stitch ;)