Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Long Winter

With all the snow thats been dumping has me remembering parts of the Laura Inglles Wilder book - “The Long Winter” where “Pa” was told that there would be 7 months of blizzards.

A bit added drama for reading but when ever it snows as much has it has been, and for so long (didnt this start in Oct for some?) I always think of that book.

Today I did one of the smartest things ever.  Took a wonderful long nap and woke up feeling much better.  Still thankful I have tomorrow off for more resting.

Im hoping to feel up to doing some baking with the boys.  P was upset that the cooking part of home-ec  was cut short due to kids deciding to not pay attention and goof-off.  I found some coffee-cake recipes to try out.  He does a great job helping me cook dinner but cooking is different than baking :o)

Here is my update on Renaissance Angel

R-Angel 2-14-10

The picture is pretty close to the true color of the fabric I chose.  Its a fun project to stitch on.