Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Im a bit slow…

So P has been doing a bit more chores than normal lately and it took me until tonight to figure out the why (not that I had any issues in the least).  Part of his home-ec class the students have to mark or count how many times they do a specific chore or different chore.  There is a minimum the teacher would like to see them do – Im guessing this is to help with the understanding that being responsible can really suck (cause some housework chores can and do suck which is why the boys get to clean their bathroom and the guest bathroom.  Yup – mom is mean!)

So P has been wonderful with emptying the entire dishwasher and hardly complaining about his brother not doing any and when he is done he will fill it up with whatever is hanging out in the sink (just the stuff in the sink, those poor items not in the sink are left to me).

What started the light bulb getting turned on was when he asked to clean the top of the stove and the microwave.  Talk about tossing me a curve out of left field (granted thats where I can be found playing with the daisies but thats a different story).  Took him several tries explaining why he wanted clean those specific items.

Then tonight I ask him to empty 1/2 the dishwasher, fully expecting him to stop at precisely 1/2 (anal child that he is).  But when I check I see he has gotten everything put away and is starting to put items in the sink (yes only those in the sink) in the dishwasher.  And while I am in mid gush about how thankful I am and how thoughtful he is the light bulb goes from extremely dim to brighter than a super nova and I start laughing.

So all the wonderful help he has been around the house, just for the last couple of months – just when the quarter for Home Ec started, is for homework.  I will be so sad when this quarter ends.

Update:  P just told me the worksheet is due tomorrow so he is cleaning out the microwave to get it added.  Im so sad! 


  1. Kids! My daughter made a Power Point presentation on why she should get a new bed for her room! It worked too...

  2. That is so funny Rachel. Well, enjoy it all while you can!!

  3. wish all the schools did this. Our school it is called Home and Careers and if you say Home Ec the teacher has a fit lol