Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bigger trees

To the family that is.  I sort of took over adding D’s tree to the app.  Not that his doing it his way was wrong but it was driving me CRAZY.  So while he was at work Sat I got busy and got 83 peeps added (go me).

Today had me at M&D’s house trying to fix a computer (which ended up a lost cause but I was able to make it so they could get files off) and while I was there I grabbed the Family book from Dad and more pictures and data from Mom.  Im gonna need a filing cabinet just for all the data!

Also may have a good use for all the scrapbook stuff Mom has for the various pictures.  We (I) will be researching a better way to store letters and other writings.

I was smart and took stitching along with me as some computer fixes just take time ( & Avast = healthier computers!) while waiting for programs to search.  I finished the cat and widow’s walk on Midnight Watch.  I was just too lazy to take an update pic – maybe tomorrow.

P1010369 Future computer tech?

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  1. Computers eh. We love em and hate em at the same time lol. Glad you got to do some stitching with all the waiting.