Thursday, February 4, 2010

More toys!

My family tree software arrived today!  Woot!  So of course I got right to installing, downloading my online tree and importing it onto my computer.  So far I like the fact that I can download changes made online and merge it with a current tree.  So far Ive noticed comments dont download so Im going to have to search through what Ive added and others have added and find a place for them in the program so they will keep.

Another package is still on the way from Auntie Bert and I cant wait to start adding photos!

(and cause Im a good enabler, D started his family tree!  muhahaha)

Stitchy Updates!

Still working on Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch 2-5-10

I am impatiently waiting to start PS Alphabet but wisely (?) left some items at A&T so I have to wait until Friday’s Canned Nuts group

Off to add more to the cat, maybe the second bird so Ive got some fills for the train ride tomorrow.