Thursday, February 4, 2010

More toys!

My family tree software arrived today!  Woot!  So of course I got right to installing, downloading my online tree and importing it onto my computer.  So far I like the fact that I can download changes made online and merge it with a current tree.  So far Ive noticed comments dont download so Im going to have to search through what Ive added and others have added and find a place for them in the program so they will keep.

Another package is still on the way from Auntie Bert and I cant wait to start adding photos!

(and cause Im a good enabler, D started his family tree!  muhahaha)

Stitchy Updates!

Still working on Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch 2-5-10

I am impatiently waiting to start PS Alphabet but wisely (?) left some items at A&T so I have to wait until Friday’s Canned Nuts group

Off to add more to the cat, maybe the second bird so Ive got some fills for the train ride tomorrow.


  1. That must be so interesting, finding out about your family tree. None of my family really have many details so I wouldn't have much to go on.

  2. You've made some great progress on your WIP. The family tree software sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Love your progress on Midnight Watch. I may actually have to break down and get this chart after seeing yours. I think a stitched piece looks so much better than the chart!

  4. I just love this pattern (midnight watch) I have tried to decide when to buy it because my stash pile is getting pretty tall but i think i might buy it at our stitch stores annual super bowl sale. Love your progress!

  5. Rachel amazes me, her Mom! She stitched, while helping us with some computer issues!!! Multi-tasking, for sure!! If that isn't enough, she is working on the family tree and having a ball! My sister sent the boxes to the right place. We will get together and I can translate/transcribe (is that done these days?) some of the writings. While she's stitching, is she really and truly counting?? It doesn't look like it. For me, it was more labor intensive, I guess.