Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a long week it has been

D so wonderfully shared a cold which morphed into something much nastier than the “sniffles” he had to deal with.  I started feeling nasty Sunday evening and got worse and by Mon I was home from work, sick.  Felt bad enough that after 3 hrs I called it a day and me and the duo took a nice long nap – and no one called!!

Isnt that always the case?  Your home sick and just want to sleep and the phone just keeps ringing!

As I am a workaholic, I did log back in later in the afternoon to see if there were any fires to take care of and what could be held off til Tues.

Tues I stayed home again, the duo and I had another nice long mid-day nap (again no calls).

Wed I had to go into work.  There are just some things that cant be done via VPN (or with a single screen.  Once you have dual monitors – its hard to go back to one).  I felt better but wanted to stay home and just sleep.

Today Im closer to normal and D is back from classes in CA.

P is growing up.  He has a girlfriend and this is their first Valentine’s Day.  He has absolutely no clue on what to do!  Too cute if you ask me.  Ive tried my best to help but not be too pushy.  He wanted to get her something but nothing too mushy or over the top.  So we settled for a nice card thats blank inside so he can write something simple (the others were way too mushy) and a single pink rose.  Ive done all I can.  Now he has to take it from there.

Last Sunday we took a walk on a green space trail and found a wonderful 9-hole Frisbee golf course!  How cool is that?  Its far enough away that we have to drive to get there but when its nice it should be a fun time to have with the kids.

Now to show that my week hasnt been a total loss, here is an update on Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch 2-11-10 One row left on the alphabet and the moon is almost complete!  I also worked a bit on Quaker Study but not enough to grab a pic on and PS Alphabet Letter A.  Its my second start and Im just not happy with the stitching.  The fabric is 36ct and my first start was 1 over 2.  Didnt like how the coverage was so out it came and I tried 2 over 2 but its too much!  I think for what my end product will be it needs to have a heaver coverage of threads.  So a trip to A&T is needed this weekend and I will peruse the 32ct fabrics and see what catches my fancy (and that works with the threads I have already picked out!)

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  1. I know what you mean about the dual monitors. I love having them at work! I hope you're completely recovered by now so that you'll be able to enjoy your weekend.

    Your sampler looks awesome! I really love how it's coming together.

    Good luck finding the right fabric for your project.

  2. The more you stitch this the more I want to get mine out.

  3. MW looks great!
    Too cute about P and Valentine's!

  4. I have to tell you that watching your progress on Midnight Watch prompted me to pick up a copy yesterday. You're making wonderful progress on it.