Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too much thinking

Just waiting for PS Alphabet charts to come in and while doing so thinking (way too much) about how to stitch them.  Ive got three ways in mind, 2 more expensive in one blow than the third.  And due to the cost (all charts and fabric) Im going to try and split up the damage to the wallet over at least a couple of months.  Although my wants may get the best of me :op

A fun package arrived for me yesterday.  A very large box from my Aunt (Hi Aunt Bert!!) that has tons of stuff from my grandmother.  Grandmother did genealogies and I wanted the mother info so I could do Mother’s Tree for my mom. 

Of course when the box showed up at the office yesterday I just had to open it but it wasnt until during a break today that I found out something I never knew about Grandmother.  She wrote short stories!  Some fiction and others about family happenings (and at least one from my grandfathers “point of view” – as she wrote)

I asked Mom if she knew about the short stories, which she did, but she didnt know about the family stories.

Its going to be great fun going through the box.  Im wanting to get the stories scanned and preserved some how, some were written in pencil and are fading, then typed up and printed for the family.

On the stitch front Ive been working steady on BBD’s Midnight Watch.  Pictures soon – I promise.

Im off to bed (see how much I real estate I get to keep tonight from the duo of chaos)


  1. Yeah, all those PS charts would add up! I'd have to do it in DMC and over one would save some fabric, too. I can't wait to see what you decide to do. Have a great weekend.

  2. I know those charts cost a pretty penny. I bought them a few years ago and almost choked at the price, but I just had to have them! LOL I'm doing my PS Alphabet in DMC on 28 count over one. The piece is still pretty large though!