Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big project started

Well, the big box of Grandmothers stuff is now at the house, opened and the scanning has begun.  I am happy that so far the documents have scanned fairly well, even the old ones written in pencil.

I have found information on when my Uncle joined the service and left, how cold it was in January & February 1913 (havent researched the where yet).  Also found more stories but not sure if she is the author or not.  Some arent signed or dated – title only.

Stitch update

Here is my latest update on Midnight Watch.

Midnight Watch 1-30-10

I believe Ive found the errors that were causing me so much grief on the right side border – on the left side!  It may look like a hodge-podge of stitching but thanks to a suggestion by Jeannine (same one of the PS Alphabet incident :P) working from both sides (top & bottom) should hide the issues much better than just working from one.  And Im using the weekend to get the fiddly-bits stitched so I have easy stuff on the train.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. I can't believe how much you've stitched since the last time you posted a pic! Great job!

  2. What a fun thing to go thru all the stuff from your family. Your stitching is looking great - you've got a ton done!

  3. Wonderful stitching progress! I bet that's interesting going through all those old papers...happy scanning!

  4. Great progress! Must be fun going through all that history and learning stuff about the family that you never knew.

  5. Rachel - You're making great progress on Midnight Watch. I love that piece so I'll really enjoy watching your progress.

    And I'll bet that you've found a lot of interesting things going through those papers. Especially when you learn things that you never knew before about your family.

  6. Midnight Watch is looking great. Have fun with the old docs. You're bound to find the odd and interesting in there.

  7. Midnight watch is STUPENDOUS!