Monday, January 25, 2010

Shopping woes

Ok.  P’s science fair is Thursday and when asked what he is planning on wearing he said “black sweats”.  Um – NO!

So off to Kohl's we go!  And home we come after dropping $150.  Yup, you read that right.  One Hundred and Fifty dollars (minus some change).  Anyhoo after hearing about the sum D’s eyes went big and I got a “WOW, Really?”  I had to agree with him.  $150 was a bit much to spend for a one day thing (even for science) that my bean-pole-of-a-son would most likely out grow in 3 days (ok slight exaggeration but not much.  3 weeks at the earliest)

So P and I compromised.  He keeps the pants, shirt and belt (very much needed to hold up the pants – skinny snot that he is) but everything else goes back.  Dk gray slacks and a black shirt (looks fab!)

He did look nice and I feel bad about it.  I will make it up to him.  In high school.  or when he finally stops growing an inch in a month (3-4 times in the last 12 months alone!  He is taller than me now and he is only 12! 5’7 and going)

So on to other things.

Mother Maya is causing me grief but also telling me that I should go no smaller than 36ct.  So far in the small bit Ive completed 3 errors have been located.  So Im gonna fudge them in to submission and try not to point them out.

Midnight Watch is slowly showing where the errors are around the border.  But again, Im ignoring those as well.  Will make filling out the middle a bit interesting.  I started with the last row of the alphabet, year & my initials and suddenly everything was so damn clear!  I was going to just stitch that row in and then go in from the top (almost like eating one of those ice cream drumstick things – Im weird) but due to the too clear now errors I think I will give myself a break and keep the psyc ward visits to a minimum on this project and just go from the bottom up.  With the border complete – it is not getting frogged out!

Home of a Needleworker – thank you so much for happy dancing with me.  Its a joy to get an older project completed!  Now to work on not filling that spot up with a new project – that will be the work eh?

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  1. I know about kids outgrowing DH is 6'7"! He said he grew 6 inches in one year during high school. I'm scared!