Friday, January 8, 2010

See, See

I can take pictures!

I wanted to wait for the next HD to do so.

Tanglewood 1-8-10 (2)

The branches are complete!  Plan on working on the leaves next. 

And just to show how anal I can get with my stitching, here is the back…

tanglewood back 1-8-10 (2)

Not sure why I started tucking strands under strands throughout stitching but felt since I started, might as well do the whole piece!  I need to show you a pic of the back of my LOTR Map to show Im not always this bad :P


  1. Beautiful, Rachel and before I read your comment that the 2nd pic was the back, I thought it was a mirror image. Great work - my backs are pretty neat but I can't say they look quite like that. Well done!

  2. This piece is just great. I love coming here to see how you're doing on it and your back is phenomenal. Very neat.

  3. OMG!!! The back of Tanglewood is incredible. The back of my projects look horrible!

  4. Your back is just crazy! I'll never, ever, ever show you one of my backs! LOL Tanglewood looks great!

  5. I love this! LOL - I show the back on my big projects, too - makes me feel good to show off that the back looks as good as the front! Great work!

  6. That's beautiful Rachel. I can't believe that it looks as good on the back and the front! How fantastic. I wish that my backs could be so neat!

  7. WOW! That looks so good and you are so close to done! Betcha can't wait!