Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strange noises

This evening while DL was supposed to be doing chores he came to us concerned about a strange noise.  After playing 20 questions about where the noise may be coming from and what it sounded like we found water pouring down the door of our washing machine!

After stopping the cycle we found 1/2 of the glass on the inside had broken and fallen off!  Thankfully I had just started the load and the piece was still pretty much in one solid section (a few slivers may be missing).  Now this machine is just about 2 years old – so just for that Im extremely miffed.  Thankfully I was smart and took the extended warranty when we bought the darn thing.  Now to see how long it takes for it to get fixed.

For those who want to know – Its a Frigidaire.

So I got things together while D wrung out the clothes in the washer and off I went to a local Laundromat to finish my weekly washing.  More things Im thankful for is that we have one close and I only had 2 loads to wash.  So much for a quiet Sunday :op

Stitchy update!

While I did work a smidge on Tanglewood after posting Friday Its not enough to warrant a picture update.  Leaves have been added but nothing else.  Many thanks for all the wonderful comments on how this project is coming along.  Those are such a boost to getting my projects completed :o)

A Quaker Study was pulled out as I needed something else to work on.

Quaker Study 1-10-10 This first bit was added quickly and I hope the rest goes just as fast.

Hope all your Mondays are like Wednesdays!


  1. Hope you get your washer fixed soon. I swear, they make things to fall apart rather than last 25 years like they used to back in the day!

    Love your quaker progress. The fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Ouch on the washer. Since it isn't that old I hope it is still under warrentee.

    Love the fabric you are using for your Quaker piece. Gorgeous. Whi is it from?

  3. Oh Rachel, what a mess with the washer. I've never heard of that type of problem happening before. I really don't think that they make things like they used to anymore.

    Your Quaker progress looks great and the fabric is gorgeous.

  4. I hope you get your washer fixed quickly! Did you get any stitching done while sitting in the laudromat....

  5. Hope your washer gets fixed soon.

    Nice start on the Quaker.

  6. Wow, I never thought that kind of thing could happen to a front-loading washer! Definitely not the norm.

    I really like the colours and fabric you're using for Quaker Study!