Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here I was, excited with my finished sky and starting on the tree roots on tanglewood, showing my mini happy dances with D and what does he ask?  “So hows my LOTR Map coming along?  Done with that yet?”  I did have the good grace to blush.  I havent touched the Map for months! (since March 09 if I go by my picture library)

LOTR Map 3-15-09

So I guess I will get this back out soon and add more x’s to help get back on D’s good side :op.

Another non-picture tanglewood update, all but 1/2 of one branch to go and all the branches will be done!!  I will post a pic this weekend – promise.  It looks wonderful.

Tonight I got to go home early (P forgot his house key – I know.  I was so sad to leave early!) and thx to the extra time I was finally able to get all caught up on my blogging! Whew.  And now I have a oop chart I want.  Blackbird/Loose Feathers’ #11 And to all a Good Night.  Its just a beautiful chart


Well, its late and Im gonna go reacquaint my head with the pillow on my bed.  Thankfully Im not all that worried they wont get along…

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  1. Who's the LOTR map by? My husband is a HUGE LOTR fan.