Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a little light

Thats all Im wanting for the bed room so when I have days/nights like now, I can drag my stitching into the bedroom and act like Im really going to get down to business and stitch!  Of course what will really happen in no less than 5 min is the cushiness of the bed will drag me down in to sleep-land as it does so well :oP 

Lets hear it for good intentions!

Stitchy updates!

Midnight Watch – I brought this out tonight during Nutty Holiday group at A&T and added more buds on the inside border.

Midnight Watch 1-19-10 Needleworker has been a train stitch while working on the bottom border.  Other than the border Ive only the leaves, flowers and small heart to finish and this will be done!  May be my first of 2010

Needleworker 1-19-10 And finally a wonderful stretched out pic of Lilith taking a snooze under my desk.  I just couldnt help myself :op

P1010363 Im off to do a good impression of Lilith, except in my bed.


  1. Lilith looks just like one of my babies, Lacey. They even sleep alike.

  2. GReat start, great almost finish and cute kitty! You'll be done with Home of a Needleworker in no time!