Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend update

Quick update on stitchy progresses from the week.

Quaker Study - finished the flowers over the line of alphabet completed during the weekend.

Quaker Study 1-16-10 Midnight Watch - this one was causing me so much grief.  I had a wonderful friend even take it from me last Tuesday to see if she could find the missing stitch.  We ended up agreeing that it was just meant to be – so I hid it as best I could.

Midnight Watch 1-16-10 Home of a Needleworker – I had hoped to have this completed this weekend but it doesnt seem to be.  I am damn close though!  The bottom border should be great for stitching on the train.

Needleworker 1-16-10 Had family over for dinner tonight – last b-day gathering for me this year.  Pizza and fruit salad.  Pizza was ok but the salad was wonderful.  Will need to remember the fruit combo for the future. mmm mango :o)

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  1. Great progress on your WIPs. No one will ever be able to tell about your misplaced or missing stitch so don't lose sleep over it! Everything looks great!

  2. They look great. At least you've got the border out of the way on Midnight!

  3. Wonderful stitching projects! Love the fabric you're using for Quaker Study.

  4. All three of them look wonderful! Don't worry about any misstitched things. I do that all the time and the only one that knows there in the piece is you!

  5. Great progress on all of them!