Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Costco?

Sad to say but apparently our home number is close enough to a local Costco that we now get lots of mis-dialed calls.

DL did good, got chores done and is being rewarded with watching the movie UP.  Love hearing his giggles (or out right belly laughs which seems more the case for this flick).

Ive got to watch House Hunter’s International all night!  Love this show, living precariously through others via tv :op

Health - I bought a new water bottle (cant have enough of these) at Bed Bath & Beyond


Its really helped increase my water intake at home.  Has a wonderful freezer stick (which has taken up residence in my freezer to be ready for action) that Im sure will be used during summer open stitch @ A&T.  Although work gives out sports bottles, I may get another one for work (better color and love the handle)


  1. For a while Home Depots across the country had our phone number listed as one of their suppliers. They would call at all hours but mostly between 4 and 5 am. Finally someone sent a message to HQ that got redistributed and the phone calls stopped but it took years. Good luck with that! :)

  2. Once our phone number was published by a local pharmacy giving out free flu shots...duh!

    Did you watch HHI last night? Those were some strange places in Italy. Pay no attention to the water damage - it's normal because the house is built into the rocks.

  3. Oh Lord, my first cell phone number was close to a very busy medical office number. I swear the only minutes I ever used were to tell people that, "No this wasn't the clinic!" I was never so happy to get a new number!