Friday, January 22, 2010

Im hooked

Darn it I was looking towards getting some of my UFOs completed this year but Im getting dragged in.

Into what you may ask?  The PS Alphabet!


While Vonna was wonderful to create the PS Alphabet SAL blog Im not sure if I will join.  I did just place my order for the charts today. (Its all Jeannine’s fault and she knows it!)

Now to work on possible placement and fabric.  Could do the three rows across or three columns down but I may switch it up a bit.  For fabric I may do 40 (would be my first project on 40) but would like to stay on 36.  Going with 36 I will need fabric size of 35 in by 47 in. (big!)  Will have to see how things pan out.


  1. Welcome to the dark side ... these PS designs are addictive!

    I've splpit mine into three 3x3 projects, which is going to make it more manageable in size, plus I'm doing it over one.

    Can't wait to follow your progress!

  2. Ah, so glad you're taking a step over to the dark side like Nic said! I'm working on mine one over one on 28 count fabric, with three rows. Make sure you check the site regularly because people will put their color changes there because sometimes the colors PS uses are too close together.

    Anyway, welcome aboard!!

  3. This is a popular one! The enabling continues...

  4. That is a beautiful project and looks like fun. Love all the colors. The big projects are not bad. You really feel a sense of accomplishment when you are done.

  5. It's a shame you got caught up in the PS Alphabet stitching. I have been resisting it since I first saw it. But as more and more of the blogs I read get pulled in, so do I. I am now one step closer.

    I cant wait to see what you do with it!

  6. What a project to get sucked into. And 40 count no less! I can't wait to watch the progression.

  7. It's a lovely project that grew in my mind for many months after seeing a two completed projects. I was going to do it myself and when mentioning it on my blog...well you see the result.