Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do or Dont

Im on Facebook, mainly to keep in contact with old friends and family and just recently added a work friend (breaking a personal rule on that one).  So with the security changes to FB you can now have more control on who is allowed to see your posts/updates.  So do I add an RSS feed of my blog to FB?  Not all of my family reads my blog and I keep this more up to date than FB.  Its a quandary.

Spent the evening with P and getting more supplies for his science project.  Making batteries out of fruit & veggies.  So far a lemon and 2 limes have lost their bet with time and began projects of their own and had to be voted out.  New produce has been added along with copper wire and galvanized nails which took the place of quarters P was trying to sand (unsuccessfully).  It was a fun evening.  He did make an evil comment on how fun it was to be as tall as me and me having to look up at him.  Evil child… :P

I have a non pic update on Nora’s Letter K,  The dress is done!  Now all I need to do is give her some legs and complete back stitching and add the beads!  I can see the light.  With P’s Lego tournament this Sat, I plan on getting K finished this weekend so I have next weekend to search for frames and get 2 more presents DONE!


  1. I keep my blog and FB separate. I need to have one place to be able to rant a bit without reprisals. :)

    I cant wait to see your K.

  2. I'm on FB but I too, keep them both seperate. I do have a few of my bloggers on my FB but truly that is it. :)