Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She likes walking in the dew

or thats what the pattern tells me  :o)

Nora's Letter K 12-16-09 Nora's Letter K a 12-16-09

The beading is about 1/2 complete and I have a week + before I need to have it framed and wrapped!

I have a few other updates as well

Bethlehem 2.0 (stitching for my sister)

Bethlehem 12-16-09

Renaissance Angel

R-Angel 12-16-09

And a new start Ink Circle’s Mother Maya

Mother Maya 12-16-09


  1. Wonderful progress! I also really like your new ink circles design - more for my Christmas list!

  2. You can have that K done tonight! It is looking so beautiful. What a great gift.