Thursday, November 5, 2009

We’ve been hit

by the flu.  Part of me wants to hope its just the regular flu and its just gonna be fevers and chills but the other is for it to be a small case of h1n1.  D should be good, P got nose swabbed and I will be the one with issues (thx asthma!).  Who got it?  DL.  I feel like a bad mom cause he woke up and told me he wasnt feeling well.  Had no fever and then went to being all forlorn to bouncing off the walls.  To me that equals a boy going to school!

Fast forward to lunch and I got the call from school.  Still no fever but just not totally there.  So off I went to get him. 

Now he has a temp of 101 and off to bed he went.  I will be calling the school in the morning – hope someone answers as school is out tomorrow.

Stitchy stuff

Quaker Diamonds chart came in this week.  I havent caved in and kit it up yet.  Still thinking about the threads called for.  I guess I didnt realize they were cotton or a flat color.  Some of the web pics had them looking so vibrant and shiny.  Im debating on trading them for silks or keeping with the threads called for.

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my Three Gables progress.  Sadly Im feeling the blahs on this project and have the wandering eye going to stitch something else for a while.  Thankfully Ive got more than enough WIPs out there and any one of them would love to take a shot at being worked on :P


  1. I hope the flu passes through your house quickly. We've been lucky so far, but it seems everyone around us is getting it.

    I have been switching everything to silks...thank goodness for Hand Dyed Fibers. I think you should do it in silks. :) I'll have to go look up the design. I dont know it off the top of my head.

  2. I hope you will get rid of the flu very soon.

  3. Oh no, Rachael! I hope everyone feels better soon.

    Use lots of Clorox wipes and Lysol spray. Maybe you can avoid passing it around.