Friday, November 6, 2009

the smell of baking

Love how baking makes the house smell so yummy!

But before I get to what I created today need to get to the bad stuff.

Its official, DL has the flu.  Up at 1am ish thinking he was going to expel dinner but thankfully it was a false alarm.  Then again at 2:30ish and again sometime around 4 (both false alarms).  It was then I just let him crash in my comfy chair.  He was happy (as much as one could be with a 103 deg temp and drugs), kittehs were happy (someone up) and I could sleep.  He has been living on toast, water, gator-aide and a mother who is constantly pestering him to drink.

Gotta love Tylenol and Advil, anti-fever wonders they are.

So after failing to take a real day off (yup – stupid me I checked my phone and logged in) and dealing with  mr-sicko I gave myself a break and baked.

More pumpkin cookies but used chopped cranberries instead of chocolate chips.

from this


to this (made 36)


Love these – no eggs!

While those were baking I cooked – cranberry sauce.  Cant eat turkey without it!

P1000887  P1000894  P1000895

May last us a week.

And finally Pumpkin-Cranberry muffins

Used the bread recipe on the cranberry bag.  The bread recipe is a family favorite and to put a twist I made it into muffins.  I was able to get 22 muffins from this batch.

P1000890  P1000891  P1000893

I will be using this same recipe but replacing the cranberries with chocolate chips at a request from P.  He’s also asked for a mix of cranberries and chips.  Ive created a monster!

Hoping that making these home made cuts a lot of the cost of buying coffee cakes at Costco.  I had thought of doing mini loafs but figured muffins would be much easier to store.

Tomorrow I hope to make banana, more pumpkin/cranberry and some pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins.

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