Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching up

Today has been a wonderful day to catch up.  Calm day at work, not much catch up but nice it was calm.

Spent the night watching dvr’d shows and reading blog posts.

Update on Three Gables

Three Gables 11-4-09

Looks like I need to find another good section for filling on the train :o)


  1. You are making great progress on your piece.

    Don't you just love quiet days at work? It is always nice to get caught up.

  2. It's looking great! Progress feels great, doesn't it!?

  3. It looks great. I love this design. I always pick fill in work for travelling too.

  4. Your gable is looking really nice~~ I love the purple!!!!!

  5. Wonderful progress. I'm afraid all that filling stitching would drive me out of my mind. Looks fab though!