Saturday, November 21, 2009


Is it sad to hope the day is almost over?  A weekend day?  Its 9pm and I cannot wait for my head to hit the pillow.

D and I spent all day helping his parents move into their new house.  We moved all the big stuff.  Beds, tables, and all furniture we could (and other stuff for filler) in 4 runs from old to new.  Went up and down stairs so many times, my butt, legs, and thighs got a great workout.

It was supposed to pour this weekend but thankfully the gods were looking and took great pity on us.  It did rain (more sprinkle than pour) but then got sunny, then cloudy and cold.  Felt colder due to the sweat cooled on our backs from moving items in and out.

They have a beautiful new house and will be hosting Thanksgiving next Sun!  Cannot believe having a huge move and then a party so soon after.  MIL is a wonder (and a wonderful woman).

And due to the over-filled day today and the overwhelming week I dont have picture updates of the projects Ive managed to add x’s to this week.  Personally I am completely amazed I was able to find (make?) time to get any x’s added!  But get added they did.  I was even able to pull out LHN’s Neighborhood and get some added to that project!

So I have pictures to take and post tomorrow.

This week has me off work or at least working from home (I am so sad…) So I should have plenty of time to get our Thanksgiving dinner ready to go.  I also have plans on trying out some new cookie recopies.


  1. You are forgiven for a lack of pictures. I'm sure we all would rather have you take a nap and get a massage than bother with pictures.... for now. :)

  2. Ah, get some rest, you deserve it!

  3. I hope you slept well last night! Sounds like a busy, busy day.

    What kind of cookies are you making??