Thursday, November 19, 2009


Isnt it wonderful when after a really long stressful day at work and all thats for dinner is grilled chicken and you ask the significant other (who just happens to be at the grocery store) to pick up anything cause all that is for dinner is grilled chicken and they do!

Wasnt much, Taco mac & cheese but its better than nothing and even better I didnt have to think about what to make!

I am still plugging away on Nora’s K just hard to find sections to stitch while on the train.  I hate having to constantly review a pattern as there just isnt enough space for viewing.

Well Im off so I can try and catch up on blog reading, was out with the boss and his boss last night.  Those visits are so entertaining so they cant be missed :)


  1. That sure is really great! On Sunday we usually eat something that is not a lot of work to cook, like pizza or something and then I can just enjoy a relaxing day with lots of stitching fun. Isn't that fun ?

  2. My husband probably couldnt find his way to the grocery store...not that he wouldnt try, he just get lost easily.