Sunday, November 22, 2009

I got updates

I was able to drag myself out of the house today for some needed shopping.  Some for normal weekly needs and most of the Thanksgiving feast.

I scored in finding the Andes mints at the dollar store.  I snagged 5 boxes to make the Andes Mint Cookies Suzie shared.  P cant wait to get cooking on these.

Now on to the Stitchy updates!

Tanglewood – When in doubt this project gets pulled out and x’s added.  Ive been adding more to branch outlines lately

Tanglewood 11-22-09 Mine All Mine – Not much added here except to presents

Mine all Mine 11-22-09 LHN’s Neighborhood – Pulled this out and was able to add a small number this week.  Anything is something right?

Neighborhood 11-22-09 Nora’s Letter K  - This Im trying to get completed for Christmas this year.  Have the stole (evergreens?) completed, minus beading) and started on the faerie.  Was getting hard finding large areas to stitch on the train last week.

Nora's Letter K 11-22-09

As I have the next week off, I hope to get most of the confetti of K completed.  Heck it would be wonderful to get this project completed this week!

Thank you for stopping by :o)


  1. Great stitching !

    I hate confettis stitches ... :-)

  2. Fabulous update! Gee, I remember whe Tanglewood was only just started!

  3. They all look wonderful :D Love Tanglewood!