Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little Autumn

Celtic Autumn that is.  She finally came out to play after who knows how long. Celtic Autumn 11-7-09 The A-U-T was added today and I hope to have all the fiddly-bits around the A completed tonight.  I wanted to finish the word Autumn before I started on her.

I also found I was bad when journaling this project.  All I had was the start date and nothing else!  My research for the journal started cause I wasnt sure if this was 28 or 32 ct.  I was pretty sure I stared this in 28 (holes looked big enough) and thankfully I was able to find the fabric tag.  Journal has been updated with the fabric, threads, beads and color changes noted as Im using a conversion Andie shared.

And now for a pic of the duo of chaos



  1. The journal is a great idea, but only if you are strict about keeping it up. I'm so bad about thinking I'll remember details.

    Celtic Autumn looks wonderful!

  2. Journalize your projects? I give you a LOT of credit...I pull something out and say..."OK this is the start date!" even though it was like 3 years