Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yes, I journal.  I started last year after really starting to get back in to stitching after many (too many) years away (baby and cat with thread just dont mix).  I made several ornaments as presents for 2007 as well as my first linen project ever (went all out, over-dyes, silk AND beads!).  During the spring of 2008 I couldnt remember the ornaments I gave out or who got what – cant give out the same thing to the same person year after year (well, I guess you could… hmm)

Anyway, after some thought of what kind of journal I wanted and it would need to be something I would actually keep up on.  I thought something out of Word would do nicely.  I do most of my stitching in front of the computer as you never know when that thought of “who the hell was in that movie?” might come up and having the internet and IMDB at my fingertips is very helpful for a calm state of mind.  For who can stand thinking of an actor, not remembering his name or other films he’s been in but that one that is stuck in your brain at that moment?!

Also helps to be close to email to send an order request to my LNS for THAT CHART everyone is working on – or at least adding it to my ever growing wish list

Below are a few pages from my journal for viewing pleasure and maybe get your journaling thoughts moving


I separate project by year, thats as much as categorizing as I get


Then when I finish the project I do my best to remember to grab a picture for the journal.  Thankfully Im pretty good about blogging about my finishes so I can copy & paste to the journal if needed.

Info I grab:


Holly Fairy update

Holly came out for a visit today and after fixing a small frog issue I was able to complete a few sections

Holly Faerie 11-8-09

More baking today!  Scones were on the plan for today.  Pumpkin (has to be the season!) and chocolate ship. 

P1000977   P1000978

Made two batches and tested a piece just to make sure everything came out good.  It did :oP


  1. Ok Rachel, you are putting me to shame...what a great idea! Now, are you using any particular program? You are getting my mind 'a thinkin' here...see the smoke? :)

  2. I love your journal idea! I've been trying to figure out how to keep track of my projects and your idea is very inspiring. Thanks!

  3. Looks great, your journal. And the best thing is that it also has pictures.
    I also have a stitching journal since 2000 and a reading journal since 2002. I love both of them and it's a lot of fun to keep them up to date. Maybe I should add pictures as well, good idea.

  4. I should really keep a stitching journal! Are you using a specific program for your journal? Right now, my blog is my "journal" and not a very good one. LOL