Monday, November 9, 2009


Found a blog I had begun to read sometime last year about cats.  We Three, Ginger Cats Tales.  Jackie writes beautifully and I love the pictures she is able to get of her four footed family.

Brings to mind my duo of chaos and remembrances of Homer. 

The duo are now really becoming comfortable in their house.  Lilith now talks.  Almost constantly and loud.  Walking down the hallway, traipsing through the kitchen, at D when he’s in the shower (although he calls it yelling.  She only does it to him and no one else).  She loves attacking feet, giving hugs - refuses to be held on her back.  Holding her against my chest will get me hugs (paws around the neck), head butts and kisses on my chin.

Loki trills.  Not quite like Homer’s Maine Coon chirps (those I so miss).  To me they are more like a lazy kit not really wanting to make the trouble of opening one’s mouth for the meow to really be heard.  He does love to play fetch and drown play mice.  He is also into lovings.  Loves to be held, patted and talked to and doesnt care if said lap is already filled and circling my head, trying to find a way under the covers at 3am ish.

Homer was a follower.  While not a pure-bred Maine Coon, he had many traits, following me from room to room, trills, chirps and those huge paws!  I miss being at my desk, leaning down to scritch his forehead, having him chirp and sniff my finger, and hearing him howling while carrying his bear.  I wish I had more pictures of him than we have.

Im missing the comforts he and I had during the later years and finding that sorely missing in the duo.  Not fair to them I know.  They are finding me in the office when its time to crash on the weekend or wakeup in the mornings.


image proving the duo do actually wake up :p


  1. Pretty cats.

    I have a Maine Coon and I know exactly what you mean about the following, chirps, etc. Rosie was my Mom's cat and covered her lap throughout her final months. You never had to look for her because she rarely left my Mom's side. Now that Mom is gone she is always waiting for me when I come home. And after I let the pup loose she will sit on the tables and bat him on the head. :)

  2. You make me miss Homer, and I didn't even know him. Your new duo sure is a pair of cuties, though.