Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it time for bed yet?

O M G what a day!  At home with mr. sicko (DL) and working ALL DAY.  Started at 6:30am and just finished sometime around 8pm.  Thankfully there is no school tomorrow so P can stay home and watch DL and DL gets one more day to get better for school.

Speaking of DL aka “mr sicko”, he finally had 24hrs of temps under 100! WOOT!!  Still not sure if he had h1n1 or just the flu.  Also wondering if two days back at school is going to lay him out during the weekend.  Im thankful for small things – such as he is feeling better and there is no school tomorrow = one extra day to spend laying low, chilling out and getting better and just 2 days of school and he gets 2 days off.  Im hoping (praying, begging, pleading) that no one else in the house gets hit with this.

As far as stitchy stuff goes, I got nothing.  I did pull out Mine All Mine and added a few x’s but nothing picture worthy.  Every time I tried this afternoon (felt I needed a break from work) my email would call out (got George Carlin telling me Ive got mail) and back to work I would go.

So tonight (whats left) is all mine!


  1. The dude was recently feverish. Three days of temps over 100, one day of under, then normal again. He was tired for a few more days. He thinks he just had a mild flu version because he got a flu shot? Who knows. There is nothing, however, worse than a sick human male. You have my sympathies.

  2. I have to ask what DL stands for. DH(Dear Husband) DS(dear son) DD(dear daughter) but I can't come up with DL. Anyways I hope the person feels better soon.

  3. DL are the initials for my younger son. I dont like using full names and my husband's first name starts with a D so for son #2 I add his middle initial.