Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Moved backwards on Mine All Mine.  One present stitched was a row too high and Im not in the mood to modify everything around it so out it went.  Accomplishment in that is the present is now completely ripped out so I can start new.

Christmas – for the first time in many years I have actually started shopping for my kids early instead of weeks or days before Christmas.  Much more fun this way.  The new challenge will be to find hiding places until wrapping time.

D is getting shirts this year.  His fault really. 

He gets requests from friends and family for computer and car assistance all the time.  And while he does lend his hand there are times where he just wants a break!  We had a giggle about it this evening and came up with a couple of funny shirt thoughts.

1.  No. (front of shirt)

2. Go Away (front)  I mean it (back)

I may come up with a couple others.  There is a place close by where I can get them made, hope the lettering is good and wont come off fast.

Thanks for all your comments.


  1. My husband keeps saying he needs to get me an "I don't play well with others" t-shirt! :D

  2. You can get a tshirt that says "NO." on it at Think Geek.
    They also sell a shirt that says, "No, I will not fix your computer."

  3. I love Think Geek shirts. I think those are a great idea...and could you send a couple to me? I could really use them. lol