Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad, bad, bad

Thats me.  Im trying, really trying to be good and not get any more stash until after Christmas but this chart has been screaming at me since I got the JCS Dec 08 mag last year and I just couldnt take it any more!


Isnt she just beautiful?  Im using 32ct Belfast Smokey Pearl linen, DMC threads and petite beads. 


Im exchanging some x’s for beads, the green bits around her and in the bottom part of the dress, the reds along the side.  I cant wait to get started.

Other than getting more stash, I was able to add more to Nora’s K today.  Pic will be hopefully posted tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I will be getting food stuffs ready for cooking tomorrow.  The feast includes a brined turkey, stuffing, loaded mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry-apple-ginger chutney, green bean casserole, andes mint cookies, marion berry pie.  The pie I bought as I cant make a crust to save my ass from a fire.  Everything else will be made by yours truly.  Most of the recipes I got from the Food Network as we made the mistake (fortune?) of watching the 10 most wanted Thanksgiving recipes.

Tomorrow I will be brining the turkey, cooking the chutney and baking cookies.  I may peel the potatoes in prep for cooking Thursday – one less thing to get done as well as chop carrots & celery and anything else that can be cut up and get ready early for Thanksgiving.


  1. For people who think they can't make pie crusts, I have just one word -- refrigerator! Wrap the dough in wax paper (needs to breathe) and put it in the refrigerator for at least one hour. That relaxes the glutens, evens out the moisture, and makes it oh so much easier to roll. Practice with a one crust pie (like pumpkin?) or quiche and when that is mastered go on to two crusts, which is tricky, I admit.

  2. Your Thanksgiving sounds delicious. Have a wonderful one.

  3. LOL Sometimes those project keep calling, louder and louder until you give in! It will be lovely, Rachel!

  4. That angel is going to be pretty!
    I have a dozen projects all calling my name and I fear that I'm going to succumb...