Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

To you and yours!  Hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends.

I cook a feast two times out of the year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Includes breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast Menu

Dutch Babies with bacon or sausage (or both)


Ham or Turkey, stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, roles, dessert

Today I started cooking around 9an (woke up really late) and finished right around 5pm.  I had a good time but my feet are killing me!

DL helped with the eggs for the Dutch babies, he cracked all 6 and only got a small bit of shell.

Dinner this year was a bunch of firsts. Brining the turkey, sausage dressing, new mashed potato recipe.

The turkey was in brine for about 24 hrs and let me tell you – it is fabulous!  I will be brining birds from here on.  The sausage dressing is good but just a tad to spicy for me.  I will use the recipe again but maybe with plain country sausage.  The mashed potatoes had mozzarella & parmesan cheese with lots of bacon topped with bread crumbs and more parmesan and baked for 25 min. mmm!

Dinner was almost anti-climatic as cooking dinner was an all day event while the sit down dinner was over in about 15 min!  Still worth every hr, min, & second I spent in the kitchen today.  Everyone loved dinner and hopefully I wont have to cook again until Sun when Im bringing potatoes for the inlaws feast.

Well, Im off to rest and massage my feet and then off to a good night’s rest.  No 4am shopping for me – checked and there just isnt anything we have to have from the Black Friday sales.

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  1. How is it that you can spend upwards of 24 hours planning the meal and cooking it, only to have it gobbled up in 15 minutes flat?

    Your mashed potatos sound divine!