Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to relax

I had a good week and a day off.  While some days were a bit bothersome (I logged into work) and Thursday was down right long, I think Ive recovered enough to work three whole days.  Cant wait til Friday and another day off!

I love this time of year – manly for the time off I try and schedule.  Starting Thanksgiving week, then all Fridays in December and the last week of the year.  Helps make my holiday prep a bit smoother and easier to deal with.

This weekend I found the 3m thing-a-majigs to hang up lights on the house.  My fingers are crossed that Friday keeps the promise of being at least non-rainy so I can get them up.  No tree this year due to the duo of chaos.  No one will be home during the days to keep them off the tree.  So I hope I can still hang lights.

Stitchy stuff

I was able to spend some of my time off stitching.

Nora’s Letter K – not much was added to this project (bad me) but I have a reason

Nora's Letter K 11-30-09 Meet my new project Renaissance Angel

R-Angel 11-30-09 Most of what you see was stitched Friday & Sat with a small bit added last night.  So far its been fun and quick to stitch.

Now Tanglewood – I was able to add a bit to this thx to Tuesday at A&T was Ink Circle/Drawn Thread night

Tanglewood 11-30-09 Well, back to adding a bit more to K while watching D play Assassins Creed II and watching Celtic Women on OPB. 

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