Saturday, November 14, 2009


Loki climbing the walls


poor little one was just beside himself when my sister and her three kids came by for a visit today.  The kids wanted to see the kittehs before they got too big.  I was concerned over how Lilith would take to all the extra attention but it was Loki who flipped out.  P got a huge scratch on his arm when Loki fought to run away.  After catching him, I placed him and Lilith in my room for quiet time.  Lilith was there to help keep him calm and give him company.  Poor guy would freak whenever I opened the door.

Fast forward an hr after company had left and they were under my desk sleeping and relaxing.  Loki has basically called it a day and has spent most of it sleeping – so dont blame him.

I have had next to no x’s added to anything due to company and relaxing from said visit.  Tomorrow doesnt look much better.  Shopping is high on the to-do list as well as taking Dad and the boys to the model train show at the Expo.  Hoping for more photo ops and then a quiet place for me to stitch a bit.

Thanks for stopping by :o)


  1. y parents' cat always hide when my kids go there ...

  2. awwww poor babies! Smokey Cat on the other hand goes for the jugular on some of my family...LOL

  3. Loki is adorable...poor little baby! It's never the ones you expect to freak out that do it.

    At my house, you'll be smothered by cats before your butt even hits the couch.