Sunday, November 15, 2009


Went with the boys and my Dad to a model train exhibit at the PDX Expo today with good expectations.  Dad was hoping that the boys would be able to play with trains, have more of a closer view and ride on a train.

Sadly that did not happen.

Apparently the “old roosters” (dad’s words) of the model train world do not like sharing their toys.  At All.  Most exhibits were roped off and looky-loos were held back far enough we really couldnt get that good  of a view.  There was one where we could really get up close but the table was so high off the ground it was hard for us short people to see everything well.

Two exhibits we were able to get up close to and see.  One DL was even able to run the train.

Most everything else seemed like a very expensive flea market for model trains.  One gentleman was nice and gave DL a Hot Wheels car for free.  Dad an I called it his $21 car as thats what it cost all of us to get in.

Even with that disappointment we had a great day with Dad.  We took MAX out to the Expo, paused Downtown and had lunch and had good chats both ways.

The rest of my day was spent finishing the shopping (got more Christmas presents out of the way!), getting held books from the library and making 2 batches of banana bread muffins.

Im hot, seems the gas stove gives off more heat than a regular one.  Or it just may be with the remodel, our house is just Uber insulated and cooking just heats the house up.  At the moment I have a window open in the kitchen to help cool things down.  Also works to cool down the goodies after removing from the oven.

Im off to bed – thx for stopping by.

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  1. I made banana nut muffins yesterday too. I put a blob of peanut butter in some of them before I baked them and they came out awsome!

    Sorry the train expo was a flop. A shame you couldnt get closer to look at all the details.