Tuesday, November 3, 2009


No not what you think sillies

The moon was just beautiful tonight.  Big, bright, glowing and covered in a light layer of clouds.  Like something from faerie.  Thats the best I can describe it.  Then on the drive home from stitch group the clouds had gone and it was just the moon.  Still big and bright and glowing but the magic had some how disappeared. 

Work today was better than yesterday.  Still a bit crazy but not so much running around from 4th floor to 2nd and back and forth.  Most of the running around was on phone, email and IM as the rest of the gang was allowed into the new servers.  Such are the times I wish I had my own personal transporter so I could bounce from Oregon to Florida and back without wasting 6 hrs in flight one way.  Also thankful its just 2 main locations instead of the 6 I used to have.

The cats seem to like dipping (drowning) their mice in the water bowl.  Pretty sure it’s Loki but didnt catch him in the act.  First loss was yesterday, second this morning with him standing between the food and water but also with Lilith next to the water.  Could she be trying to get him in trouble?  Given her name and temperament I wouldnt put it past her :op. Dont want to spend the time drying out .99 mice so those two went in the trash and replaced with new ones tonight.  Shall see how long these last.  Maybe they are trying to make cold cat nip tea?


  1. We almost named our first rescue cat in California, Loki. But we were apprehensive about him living up to his name. So he was named, unimaginatively, Richard H. Cat. As it turned out, we should have named him Loki as he was constantly running away snd biting strangers.

  2. Yes the moon was bright last night.

    My Rosie has done that with her toys too. I always think that maybe she wants to clean them. :)

  3. I find mice in my cats water dishes all the time too. I just scoop them out and they disappear under the couch or fridge again in no time.

  4. I was tooling around all night and this morning was trying to describe the moon to this older, blind lady and told her that the layer of clouds behind it and the way it was shining on the smaller clouds in front made them look almost metallic.

    Truly one of the more magical moon nights I remember. And I see them a lot. :o)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets to see these things. Thanks.