Sunday, October 25, 2009


by a cute fluffy kitteh.  I had grand plans to stay up late and stitch but all my plans were ruined when the fluff-ball known as Loki decided that my chest and arms should be a comfy sleeping place instead.  What can you say to that??  Being used as a pillow made me tired so off we went to bed.

Today I was able to work, start, on Indian Summer.

Indian Summer 10-25-09

Next I pulled out Holly and reversed stitched sections.  But I was able to add the areas I removed and added a bit more.

Holly Fairie 10-25-09

I also toyed with the idea of removing the beads attached with same color thread and attach them later with Coats metallic but thought better of it.  More reverse stitching than I really wanted to do so I will continue stitching beads with same color thread where I can and where they are placed on the ends of Kreinik I will use the Coats.

Another part of my day was finding books to add to my ipod.  The local library is part of Library2Go.  Doesnt have a lot of books to choose from.  Most I can download to my PC but there are a bunch I cant to the Mac and they are for my ipod.  Speaking of which, I need to get the one book I was able to get to the mac loaded on my ipod so its ready for tomorrow!


  1. I so understand about the pets sleeping on you and thwarting your stitching. I have the same problem with a 50 lb. Irish setter puppy! LOL

    Love the colors for Indian Summer piece. Can't wait to see more progress.

  2. Well you can't just move, you'd disturb the cat. No one in their right mind should bother a kitty when he's trying to sleep!

    Ooo, I like Indian Summer so far ~ quite lovely colors.

  3. Your kitties are so cute! I am so behind on blog reading that I only just found out you had kittens! I am SO JEALOUS! Love Indian Summer! Can't wait for the finish!

  4. I love Indian Summer. I kitted it up as well but will change the light fabric I chose to a darker one. It looks gorgeous on your brown fabric.

  5. Kitties have that ability to put me to sleep, too. I have trained the 20 lb. cat to curl up beside me, not on my lap when I am stitching. But that purring sometimes gets to me and all forward momentum is lost and I start nodding off.

    Indian Summer is looking wonderful!

  6. My cat usually runs away with the Kreinik spool in her mouth while I am stitching. Ah, but she is so cute though.