Monday, October 26, 2009


I made a change in my morning that cost me.  I usually work at home in the morning and setup shop on the dining room table.  This has an unfortunate side effect of causing papers, mail and cross-stitchy stuff to pile up.  So to help combat this (and to make dinners more disaster free) I moved my work area to the desk in the kitchen.  No brainer one would think.

Apparently my feet had other thoughts and decided to pick a fight with the desk chair.  There were war wounds and one may not pull through.  Mr left pinky toe received a mortal wound (its a nice dk purple atm).  The other toes are a bit out of sorts.  Guess they’ve forgotten how everything gets tossed when the pinky’s get munched.  They are almost as bad when your backend gets all backed up and stuffy!  Everything just stops!

So after an afternoon of taking older child for his well child checkup (and 3 shots – muhahaha) and walking (limping and saying ow lots) around the store to get dinner stuffs I am parked in my chair to share a pic with you and stitch (on whatever :P)

Here is my update for Indian Summer

Indian Summer 10-26-09

I now have every color that will be used in this piece stitched at least once and so far I like how they play with the fabric.


  1. Hope that your feet are feeling better! UGH, sounds like it was WWIII with the chair and your feet. And love your project. I think that it looks wonderful on that fabric.

  2. Ouch is right. Poor toe. I do hope that the toes have learned their lesson and know that they won't win against the chair. :)

    Love the colors of your new project.

  3. Your new WIP is looking fantastic, Rachel!

    Ow-ie! Sorry about your wee toe. ***hugs***

  4. Any of those colors in your new WIP the colors of your foot? :)

  5. lol, not even close! I am tempted to take a pic for posting, but not sure how well it would be accepted. In all its purple glory