Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy day

A busy Saturday tends to make the weekend just fly by.  Just not fair.

Today had us getting hair cuts for the boys and costumes for Halloween.  Im told they are completely different but both have long flowing black capes with big hoods.  One has a mask, the other a mask with glowing eye-glasses.  Whatever :o)

Big apology to Brenda about calling her freebie piece Welcome October.  The piece is Indian Summer.  I must have grabbed the name of her post for the piece name.

And speaking of Indian Summer, I got started on mine.  Had a brief pause this morning as thx to lighting I wasnt happy with the colors I had originally picked out.  Trying to pick out different ones brings to light that I really need a DMC color chart if only to pick out color from families that work together.  I only have a small bit completed so far so no pics.

I made it over to A&T and picked up fabric for LHN Winter Sampler and the Blackbird Designs chart Midnight Watch.

As its Caturday, I posted a pic of the kittehs on Fark and here is one of the captions that were added


Lilith had been sleeping on my lap while Loki was on the pillow when she decided she wanted to be there and didnt care that there was already a body taking up the space.


  1. ROFLOL That is a great caption for the picture!

  2. What a picture! It it too funny.