Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday sunday

and the weekend just wasnt long enough.  Never are but worse when D has to work Saturdays.  Played catch-up today, had to run back to the stores to pick up stuff I missed yesterday.  I hate that.  But it gave me the opportunity to run by Joann’s and pick up threads for Welcome October by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I thought I had fabric for this as will but its currently hiding.

The Kittehs have names!

Introducing Lilith and Loki


Three Gables pic update – The windows have panes and I have fill in parts for the train.

Three Gables 10-18-09

Karen has inspired me to pull out my Celtic Autumn sometime this week.  I love how hers is coming together, Autumn looks so lovely.

Well thats all I have for today.  Been lazy other than that and I see I dont have much time left in the day to fill in the other laziness I know I can fit into it :op


  1. I love the kitties they are so cute. If you put about ten of them together it will make one of my two fat cats. Great progress!

  2. Lilith and Loki are so cute! My brother has a dog named Loki!

    Your stitching is looking great!